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„Complex Management Engineering“ Sole Owner Ltd

Staring during 2006, today we service representatives of small, medium and large Bulgarian and international companies and consortiums.

The expedience, professional attention and applicability of the services which we provide increase the benefits for our clients from mutual work.

We are responsible towards the business of our clients. We guarantee loyalty and unconditional confidentiality. The construction of a long term partnership is at the base of our relations with the clients.

We develop partnership programs with specialist in the field of finance, taxes, audit, law, engineering, construction and others which secure the complex servicing of our clients.

The executed programs for constant training of the team of specialists and experts guarantees the high level of knowledge and competence. We develop the firm and communication structure in a direction, guaranteeing the achievement of the goals.

We develop the possibilities of an electronic system for the exchange of documents with our clients, which guarantees security and confidentiality and saves time.